Oil and Gas


Analytics offers improvements in every area of the complex oil and gas ecosystem. Raw data can be assessed and analysed to improve operational efficiencies, highlight causal factors for risk, Surface Process Improvement Areas and Advanced algorithms developed to mimic safety influence network, behavior centric applications to influence employees.

Upstream Sector:
The oil and gas industry is undergoing massive changes, be it the unconventional methods of exploration and production, price volatility, safety and employment concerns, digitization of oil fields and so on. Analytics takes centre stage in solving many of these because of the lens it offers to see the unseen patterns, and try to answer the unanswered questions. Using seismic data signatures to enhance production, improving drilling success, and predictive maintenance of assets are few of the areas where analytics can produce impressive results. Flutura’s Cerebra platform acts as a rapid accelerator to enable oil and gas companies to perform complex analyses in short frame of time.

The midstream sector is the crucial conduit in the oil and gas industry. It is a vast supply chain network, and analytics can help optimize processes along the chain, for faster and more reliable operations. Reducing equipment downtime, process monitoring, safety & compliance risk scoring are some areas where Analytics can play a major role. Flutura’s provides its valued consulting and implementation services to take oil and gas midstream companies to the next level.

Analytics support refineries by optimizing their processes to reduce costs and improve margins. Analytics also helps in storage and marketing. Companies are using analytics to largely engage with customers, and are also using it to track fuel demands and forecasting.
Oil and gas industry is not new to use data to drive decisions, however because of the availability of large, real-time, scalable systems, the advancements have become innumerable. Analytics can drive production growth by more than 5%, and Big data/analytics features in every major company’s strategy and yet, they are struggling with capability in implementing analytics. Integration of data is yet another challenge that features almost on the top of every report. The ability to quickly assess and analyse data is the key to profitability and growth in the industry. Flutura with its rich experience in Oil and gas, understands the intricate details of the domain which is characteristically different from the rest, and provides the following offerings in different process areas


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